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Musicillium Zare & W. Gams

The Genus Musicillium Zare & W. Gams in Iran
Rasoul Zare
Iranian Research Institute of Plant Protection

Musicillium Zare & W. Gams, Nova Hedwigia 85: 482, MycoBank MB 510696

Genus hyphomycetum Verticillii simile, ad Plectosphaerellaceas spectans. Hyphae vegetativae hyalinae vel pallide brunnescentes. Conidiophora omnino brunnea, ad 500 μm alta, in parte superiore identidem verticillata. Phialides ternae at sexenae verticillatae, aculeatae, sursum vix angustatae. Conidia in capitulis mucidis aggregata, hyalina, 1-cellularia, cylindrica, levia. Chlamydosporae absentes, sed hyphae moniliformes, primum subhyalinae, deinde fuscescentes post 15 dies vel diutius frequentes.


Etymology: Lat. Musa, banana, the most frequent host, + -cillium, the suffix of Verticillium.


A genus of verticillium-like hyphomycetes (Plectosphaerellaceae). Vegetative hyphae hyaline or centrally pale brown. Conidiophores particularly on carbohydrate-rich media distinctly brown pigmented throughout (slightly pale only near the tip), up to 500 μm tall and repeatedly verticillate in the upper 3–4(–6) nodes. Phialides in whorls of 3–6, slender aculeate and hardly tapering towards the tip. Conidia borne in slimy heads, hyaline, 1-celled, cylindrical, smooth-walled. Chlamydospores absent, but moniliform hyphae, initially subhyaline, later turning brown, commonly formed after 2 weeks and more.

Typus: M. theobromae (Turconi) Zare & W. Gams