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A preliminary checklist for lichenized and lichenicolous fungi of Zanjan province
Mohammad Sohrabi, Zohre Toghraneghar
Iranian Research Organization for Science and Technology (IROST), Tehran
Islamic Azad University of Zanjan
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 Herbarium records show that the earliest collections of lichen species from Iran date back 185 years, when European botanists were interested in searching for what might have been the biblical manna and its habitat throughout the deserts and steppes of the Middle East. In spite of such an early attention to the lichen species of the Iranian plateau, there are still some provinces of 
Iran, which have not been explored or remain poorly known. One of the least investigated provinces of Iran is Zanjan, located in the NW of the country. The present contribution summarises the current knowledge of the lichens and lichenicolous fungi from Zanjan province. 
The history of lichen collecting in Zanjan province is very short. According to our information, the first collection of lichens from Zanjan dates back to 1974 when Reino Alava, a Finnish botanist, made a botanical excursion throughout the Zagross Mountains from the NW to the SW of Iran. During the preparation of the second revised lichen checklist for lichens and lichenicolous fungi of Iran by Seaward et al. (2008) some of his collections were studied, but only four lichen species, Arthonia calcicola Nyl. Collema polycarpon Hoffm. subsp. corcyrense (Arnold) Pisút, Fulgensia schistidii (Anzi) Poelt, and Polysporina cyclocarpa (Anzi) Vezda, were included in the checklist and published.
A second collection of lichens was made by Z. Toghranegar during 2007-2008. During fieldwork throughout Taroum district in the NE of the province many lichens specimens were collected. Parts of these lichen collections were sent to the senior author for 
identification. However, most of the collection remain unidentified because they were unavailable for study and the received specimens were scanty and difficut to identify and therefore, the present report deals with only part of the collection.In the present study, fifty-six lichenized fungi species were documented for the first time from Zanjan province. 
 The checklist is compiled primarily from voucher specimens identified or verified by the first and second authors. The part of this material collected by Reino  Alava in 1974 is now housed in the Turku University Herbarium (TUR). The additional collection provided  by the third author from the NE of the province, mainly from Taroum district, is deposited at the botanical herbarium of the Science and Research Branch of the Islamic Azad University of Tehran, with some duplicates in the herbarium of M. Sohrabi [hb.  Sohrabi]. However, identifications are based only on  duplicates sent to M. Sohrabi.  In general, specimens were identified with the use of light microscope and stereo-microscope and on the basis of morphological characters and spot tests (K, C, KC, P, N and KOH/I). For some selected species, thin layer  chromatography was performed following with solvent systems (A, B, C) in Orange et al. (2001). The following references were consulted: Ahti et al. (2007); Purvis et al. (1992); Wirth (1995) and Saag et al. (2009). Additionally some identifications were supported by comparison with authorized specimens in the lichen herbaria of Berlin (B) and Helsinki (H). The nomenclature used here follows Index Fungorum, CABI Bioscience et al. (2009) and the record status is in accordance with the recent checklist for Iranian lichens and lichenicolous fungi (Seaward et al.2008)
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Sohrabi, M. & Toghranegar, Z. (2010) A preliminary checklist for lichenized and lichenicolous fungi of Zanjan province, Iran. date 04/07/2020