Circinaria mansourii (Sohrabi) Sohrabi | MYCO-LICH

Circinaria mansourii (Sohrabi) Sohrabi

Vernacular Name: 
گلسنگ منصوری
Synonymy : 
Aspicilia mansourii Sohrabi
IUCN Threat Status: 
Least Concern

Thallus terricolous, on soil or plant debris, subsquamulose to appressed sub-fruticose, attached by tiny rhizomorph-like extensions, forming small patches up to 3–5(–8) cm wide, lobes discrete, more or less stringy, continuous, warty, rimose, to areolate-verruculose to irregularly developed on the substrate, central part subgranular to subsquamulose, mostly irregular, sometimes angular to rounded lobes, 0.3–0.9(–1.3) mm in diameter, prothallus absent. Surface with small cracks or depressions, smooth to roughened, white-pruinose, sometimes diffusely granulose, when dry, dull, light grey, when wet, whitish grey to dark grey, ashy grey. Cortex paraplectenchymatous, (10–)20–30(–35) μm thick, filled with granules and irregular globose to round cells 5–8(–10) μm wide, uppermost part brown; cortex usually covered with a thick epinecral layer, (10–)12–17(–22) μm thick, with crystals. Photobiont green, chlorococcoid, unicellular, cells 5–16(–22) μm wide, distributed in regular to irregular layer, occasionally fragmented in small patches 30–70 μm wide. Medulla ± loose to paraplectenchymatous, variable in thickness, lower parts somewhat interrupted by prosoplectenchymatous tissue, originated from the small rhizomorph-like extensions. Lower surface white to pale yellow, sometimes dark grey to ochraceous, without cortex, basally with 1–3 ± isodiametric cells, some partly belonging to rhizomorph-like extensions. Rhizomorph-like extensions from the lower surface short, up to 0.5–1 mm long, hypha 5–8(–10) μm thick, delicate, lacking algal cells, pale, white to yellowish, sometimes light brown, usually attached to plant debris, occasionally visible under the margins. Apothecia and pycnidia not known. Secondary chemistry: aspicilin and unknown fatty acid detected in some thalli by TLC; thallus (medulla) K–, C–, P–, KC–, CK–, I–.

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