Flavopunctelia flaventior (Stirt.) Hale | MYCO-LICH

Flavopunctelia flaventior (Stirt.) Hale

Synonymy : 
Parmelia flaventior Stirt.

Thallus large, closely adnate to substratum; lobes broad, rounded and somewhat dissected, crowded; margins wavy, entire to sorediate; upper surface yellowish-green to grey, pseudocyphellate, often with an indistinct patterned wrinkling; soralia marginal and linear, often sinuous, with farinose or subgranular soredia, or submarginal and capitate; medulla white; lower-surface brown to black; rhizines simple to somewhat branched, sparse, dark; lobe edges bare; surface dull to somewhat shiny. Apothecia very rare and not seen in Iranian specimens, Divakar & Upreti (2005).

This species is mostly corticolous, rarely saxicolous. It grows on trunks and branches of different species of trees in the Hyrcanian forests.

Chemistry: atranorin, usnic acid and lecanoric acid, cortex K+, medulla K-, C+ red or pink, KC + red, P-.