Verticillium leptobactrum W. Gams | MYCO-LICH

Verticillium leptobactrum W. Gams


Verticillium leptobactrum W. Gams, Cephalosporium-artige Schimmelpilze: 194 (1971)



Colony on PDA rather slow-growing, reaching 15 mm diameter in 10 days. Optimum temperature for growth 18–21°C, little growth at 27°C and no growth occurred at 30°C. Conidiophores mostly solitary, sometimes with two phialides in verticillate form, measuring (19–)24.5–34.5(–50) ´ 1.5–1.7 mm; conidia bacilliform, in long chains very homogenous is size and shape, measuring 3.8–4.5 ´ 1–1.2 mm, except the first-formed conidium that is pear-shaped. The fungus did not produce any chlamydospore in culture.


Distribution in Iran: Hyperparasitic on an unidentified ascomycete, collected on rotten trunk of Acer sp. near river stream in Shastkola forest, Golestan Province, on 29 Oct. 2007. Dry specimen and the pure culture are preserved under IRAN 12750 F (together with a myxomycete, Arcyria denudate, on the same specimen) and IRAN 1230 C, in fungal herbarium and fungal culture collection of Iran.



Gams, W. (1971). Cephalosporium-artige Schimmelpilze (Hyphomycetes). Gustav Fischer Verlag, Stuttgart. 262 pp.

Zare, R. and Asgari, B. (2008). Report of two new hyperparasitic species from Golestan Province. Rostaniha 8(2): 229–232 [English 116–117].




Verticillium leptobactrum: a. Colonized perithecia, b. Phialides and conidia chains, c, Conidiophores, d. Conidia. Scale bars: a = 100 mm, b = 20 mm, c, d = 10 mm. Mounts are prepared in water.