Strigula stigmatella (Ach.) R.C. Harris | MYCO-LICH

Strigula stigmatella (Ach.) R.C. Harris

IUCN Threat Status: 
Data Deficient

Thallus: continuous, effuse, immersed in the substrate upper surface: white to pale gray, smooth algae: trentepohlioid Perithecia: hemispherical, black, semi-immersed in the thallus, 0.3-0.5 mm diam. involucrellum: closely clasping the exciple ascomatal wall: black, absent below the hamathecium true exciple: pale brown to colorless hamathecium: composed of branched pseudoparaphyses, anastomosing above the asci, filaments c. 1 µm wide, not inspersed with oil droplets asci: clavate to cylindrical, 70-80 x 12-15 µm, with 8, irregularly arranged ascospores ascospores: hyaline, fusiform, (4-) 6-7 (9)-septate (starting with a median euseptum), 25-45 x 5-8 µm; walls: not ornamented, without a gelatinous sheath Pycnidia: c. 100 µm diam.; conidia macroconidia: 5-7 septate, 20-30 x 4-6 µm; microconidia: not seen Spot tests: all negative, UV negative. Secondary products: none detected Substrate and ecology: on bark of various woody plants World distribution: temperate regions of the Northern Hemisphere

E Record

Iran: Golestan, Gorgan district: 11 km SW of Gorgan, Shast Kola forest. Alt. 350 m. Degenerated, Carpinus orientalis-dominated forest, 36° 46,10' N, 54° 21,79' E, 30 Oct. 2007, H. Sipman (HS55304), M. Sohrabi, U. Søchting, R. Zare. [B & IRAN]. Gonbad-e-Kavus district: Along road from Khan Bebin to Shirabad waterfall. Alt. 120 m. Deciduous forest with Parrotia persica and Carpinus orientalis. 36° 57,89' N, 55° 01,80' E, 27 Oct. 2007, H. Sipman (HS55202), M. Sohrabi, U. Søchting, R. Zare. [B & IRAN]. Gorgan district: Naharkhoran forest, 8 km S of Gorgan. Alt. 500 m. Deciduous forest on slope. 36° 46,41' N, 54° 28,04' E, 29 Oct. 2007, H. Sipman (??), M. Sohrabi, U. Søchting, R. Zare, [B & IRAN].   Submitted: 2/26/2010 14:51:54-15:00:22